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The “Orient Express” known to be the “Moving Palace” started it’s first journey from the Paris railway station on 4 October 1883.  The train ran between Paris and İstanbul regularly during the years from 1883 to 1977 included government officials and diplomats from France, Germany, Austria and Ottoman Empire that joined the very first trip.  In addition, “The Times” reporter; and the novelist, traveller Edmond About were amongst the travellers.  Edmond About published his memoirs about this journey in a book called “De Ponteise Stamboul” in 1884.  “The Times” reporter stayed in İstanbul for a while in order to meet Sultan Abdülhamit II.


We plan to have a photograpy exhibition including pictures from the years 1883 to 1977 that the audience can review prior and after the concert



The “Orient Express” which was out of service during the first and second World War witnessed many historical events..During our concerts detailed information about some unknown historical events will be displayed.

Culturally and historically important cities of Paris, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Sofia with the last station  of İstanbul that were on the route inspired the selection of the musical pieces on the project.

The concert will start with the piece “Wind Quintet No. 1” composed  by the French composer J. Francaix that will represent Paris, then the concert will continue with the German composer F. Danzi’s piece “op. 56 si Bemol Majör”. F. Danzi composed the subject piece in Munich, Germany where he lived and which is also one of the locations on the route of the “Orient Express”.  The third piece that will be performed during the concert is G. Ligeti’s “Six Bagatelles” which was composed in Vienna, then after that there will be the fourth piece called “Hungarian Dances” by the Hungarian composer F. Farkas who lived in Budapest...The piece that represents the Serbian capital of Belgrade is called “Vivace” composed by the Serbian composer P. Konvovic that has the fifth place in the program.        When the train approaches Sofia, we play the piece called “Bulgarian Sketches” by I. Iwanow.  To represent İstanbul as the final stop of the “Orient Express” we chose the piece called “Esintiler” composed by Ferit Tüzün.  We end our musical journey by this piece that was arranged by Kıvanç Fındıklı a member of the Quintet.

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